monika-sengul-jones.jpgI’m a communication and science and technology studies scholar with rich, interdisciplinary training that includes deep engagements in literary theory, continental philosophy, visual culture studies, sociology, and anthropology.

In 2020, I am an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Communication at University of Washington, Seattle. I completed my doctorate at the University of California, San Diego in the Department of Communication and Science Studies program, working with supervision from Lisa Cartwright. In 2014-16, I was a Visiting Graduate Researcher in the Department of Communication at University of Washington. From March 2017 – May 2019, I was Wikipedian-in-Residence and instructional designer for OCLC’s Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together project (more in this interview, and here),and OCLC and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

I have been active in the Wikipedia project since 2012 as an editor, educator, and community organizer. I also have training in front-end web development (HTML5, CSS3, & Responsive Design for Web Development), from the University of Washington, Professional & Continuing Education. This supplemented my work as web developer and co-managing editor, with Cristina Visperas, for Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience, an open-source academic journal.

Previously, I earned a Master’s degree in Gender Studies at Central European University as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. I lived in Budapest, Hungary and Istanbul, Turkey for five years. My BA is from University of Washington in the Comparative History of Ideas program.

Occasionally, I look at/use Twitter, under the handle @monikajones. I use she/her pronouns.