“Socio-Technical (Re)Configurations of Authorship Online”
November 14, 2015
Paper presentation

“Free Labor and the Gift: Labor Markets, Digital Labors, and Online Engagement”
November 9, 2015
Guest lecturer, Course content consultant
Gender and Online Engagement
Dr. Regina Yung Lee; University of Washington

“Working with Academic Experts in a Feminism-focused Distributed Editing Project”
October 10, 2015
Panel presentation
WikiConference USA

“The Promise and Peril of Wikipedia as an Online Volunteer Project for Knowledge Production”
September 16, 2015
Guest lecturer, Course content consultant
Education, Technology, and Society (Mellon Foundation grant)
Dr. Alice Lesnick; Bryn Mawr College

“Cruel Visibilities: “Ghost” Writing Work in Online Freelance Marketplaces”
July 5-11, 2015
Workshop paper presentation
Cultural Dynamics in Virtual Work, University of Vienna

“Shadow Work: Online Ghostwriting and the Foreclosed Dream of Freelance Writing”
May 14, 2015
Colloquium lecture
Department of Communication, University of Washington

“What’s at Stake in #WikiWork on Wikipedia?”
May 24, 2015
Edit-a-thon presentation
#Wikiwork Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
University of Washington Research Commons

“Configurations of/and Digital Freelance Work”
April 13-4, 2015
Workshop panel presentation
Lucy Suchman Doctoral Workshop
Science Studies Program, UC San Diego

“Gender and Wikipedia in a New Media Ecosystem”
February 14, 2015
Critical Edit-a-thon panel presentation
‘I Love To You’ Critical Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

“The Promise and Peril of Wikipedia”
January 2015
Guest lecturer, Course content consultant
Introduction to Participatory Media
Dr. Lauren Berliner; University of Washington-Bothell

“The Dialogues on Feminism and Technology Project – FemTechNet”
January 2014
Panel presentation with Liz Losh (UCSD), Erika Cheng (UCSD), Jade Ulrich (Scripps), Susie Ferrell (Scripps)
High Impact Practices: Interdisciplinary collaborations and creative connections Experiential Learning Conference, UC San Diego

“‘Can We Find Out If She is Pregnant?’: Narratives and Practices of Scoring Data in Predictive Analytics”
April 2013
Paper panel presentation
Access/Trespass Media Fields Conference, UC Santa Barbara

“Content Farm Work and the Cultural Practices of ‘Big Data’”
October 2012
Poster presentation
InfoSocial Conference, Northwestern University

“Performativity in Fictions of Data Mining and Freelance Work Platforms”
July 2012
Workshop panel presentation
National Communication Association (NCA) Doctoral Honors Seminar, University of Southern California

“Feminism, Technology and Visuality”
May 2012
Panel convener with Lisa Cartwright and Cristina Visperas 
Now! Visual Culture, New York University, New York (May 2012)

“Secrets of the Body: Mechanical Turks’ Minds and Data Mined Bodies”
June 2010
Paper presentation
(Re)Mapping the Everyday Through Visual Culture, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia

“Affect, Emotion, and Online Writing Work”
April 2010
Workshop presentation
Working with Affect in Cultural Theory Seminar with Jackie Stacey, Umeå University, Sweden


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