I have ten years of experience in teaching. My training includes a ten-week course in higher education pedagogy. Prior to that, I earned a Trinity TESOL teacher training certificate. I am committed to innovative pedagogical approaches and have given conference and workshop presentations on topics ranging from my research to experiential/praxis-based learning and feminist pedagogy.

Guest Lecturer & Consultant Experience

“Wikipedia and Knowledge Production”

Education, Technology and Society (Mellon Foundation grant)
Fall 2015
Dr. Alice Lesnick; Bryn Mawr College

Guest Lecturer
“The Promise and Peril of Wikipedia”
Introduction to Participatory Media
Winter 2015
Dr. Lauren Berliner; University of Washington-Bothell

Guest Lecturer
“Journalism and Internet Industries in the United States”
Internet Industries
Spring 2015
Dr. Lilly Irani; UC San Diego

Instructor Experience

Multimedia Journalism in a Digital Age
Co-instructor with Tara-Lynne Pixley
Summer 2013
Academic Connections Program; UC San Diego Extension Program

English Classroom Teacher
Doğa Koleji, Istanbul, Turkey

English Instructor (Volunteer)
International Rescue Committee, Seattle

Teaching Assistant Experience

Internet Industries
Spring 2014
Dr. Lilly Irani, UC San Diego

Introduction to Communication 
Spring 2014
Dr. Marisa Brandt, UC San Diego

Bilingual Communication and Globalization
Winter 2014
Dr. Olga Vasquez, UC San Diego

How to Read a Film
Spring 2013
Dr. Michele Goldwasser; UC San Diego

Situated Practices in Communication
Winter 2013
Dr. Carol Padden and Dr. Christo Sims; UC San Diego

Communication as a Social Force

Fall 2013
Dr. Daniel Hallin and Dr. Natalia Roudakova; UC San Diego

Gender For Hire: Work in the Global Economy
Winter 2011
Dr. Eva Fodor; Central European University — Budapest, Hungary

Readership Experience

Communication, Politics & Citizenship in America
Fall 2011
Dr. Jeffrey Minson; UC San Diego